Another One of Useless Constitution in Indonesia

Saturday 00.30-01.30pm, I was watching a television, I saw Ceriwis at Trans TV. Ceriwis is a talk show programme, where’s humours, musics, and news are package in one, and they’re always have a guest star every show. And for that day, the guest star is Nagita Slavina, the one of young celebrities, she’s 18 years old. And Ceriwis discuss about her side job besides an actress as a co-producer in her mother production house.

As long as the discuss move forward, Indy barens as a hosts (Ceriwis have a two hosts: Indy Barens (female) and Indra Bekti (Male)) point to a new constitution which is talked about there’s no excuse for someone whose aged of school or college age or a students to be an actor or actress.

Just a note, before this case too Indonesia have a controversion about pornographics and pornoactions constitution, and that’s become a huge problems when Playboy’s Magazine, launched their first magazine in Indonesia Version. Some public organisations specially religions public organisations launched their protest too. Some actresses and actors get involved in that case.

Honestly, I’m as an Indonesian people can’t accept that’s constitutions. Because the subjects still blured besides the real meaning or the pure meaning and terms about pornographics and pornoactions can’t stand strongly. In fact, some actors and actresses become totally frightened to get involve primarly when their job more less touched the pornographics and pornoactions. And all of the womans in Indonesia become a suspect by unintended.

That’s constitution totally crazy, when Indonesian Princess 2005 Nadine Chandrawinata go to Miss Universe 2006 contest, meanwhile some public religion organisations gave some protest in the hand of pornographics and pornoactions constitution to Nadine Chandrawinata whom that time as a contestan of Miss Universe 2006. The bikini’s session in Miss Universe contest actually like a firestarter in that demonstrated. Unfortunately Nadine Chandrawinata is the one of the contestan, and bikini’s session is the one of rule to win the contest, in fact every girl in the contest must used that and become profesional, no exception.

My questions: When is the time for Indonesia to be the great country, meanwhile in a world contest such as Mis Universe contest, the people’s not support their candidate but cursed and protest her? When is the time for Indonesia to be the great country, meanwhile in a world contest such as Miss Universe contest, the people’s can’t accept the bikini’s session as an important rule? Where’s the pornographics? Where’s the pornoactions? I thought when Nadine is involve in that contest and follow the rule, she’s can we catagorized as a profesional.

Pornographics and pornoactions is not kind like that, maybe we can look up that in blue films, that’s it totally right. Or protitution places. Someone who married and caught up in the place like that by accidentally can’t assume as a pornoactions or pornographics culprit. Many consider that we must used in the situations like that, when we can’t think clearly as a diamond, we will be dark as a carbon.

So do the constitution about someone whose age of school or college can’t be an actors and actresses or celebrities. What I want supposed to do about that? Actually I want to yelling as a loud as I can in front of the maker of constitution ‘Damn You!!!!’ How small what they think. Just like they can afford the Indonesian students and collegers tuition. I don’t think so.

Honestly as a vice of Indonesian peoples they should think about a usefull think. Imagine, like Daniel Radclife he is a young talented actor and he make proud British film and not forget about his school. Imagine if Daniel Radclife is an Indonesian, and he wanted become an actor but Indonesian government paralysing his dream. Isn’t Indonesian government have disturbed his right, right?

Indonesian fundamental constitution say something about Indonesian peoples have a right to life perfectly, have an education, and stand up for his right. So, the government straightly wrong to recommended the new constitution about someones can’t be an actors or actresses as long as they’re in school or college age.

Absolutely, government have died our steps to be success. Stop it your damn think my lovely government.


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