There’s Broke-Up and Set-up

hEhE… with me again, yaa where else, no other cool place except my own weblog^^. Yupz, this time I got interested to discuss about loverers relationship. Meanwhile I’m a single, but this eyes always seen and feel what’s any loverers feels in theirs up-and-down relationship (some), specially in a space of August until October.

I feel interest, toply at the space of that months. I have a friend, more exactly my boarding house-friend, yaa I don’t want to say his name for some privacy circumtances. Actually, they have been longest in a relationship, almost two years n’ a half. So long, isn’t it? And when August, his girlfriend decide to break-up. Yaa, for some otomatically reasons he got sober, imagine his broke-up when he need a more intensive attention from his girlfriend because he wanted to work his finall exam (skription’s preparation), n’ just you know that is time where’s he must got some dizzies about skription task (the ‘dracula’ of collegers that make’em frightened, hehehe^^) also the any other complicated n’ uneffective of university beareucracy.

That’s ruining his life, then he talked to me, share his problems. He just like a hopeless person, no day for tommorow. Everything that is beautiful’s going bad, n’ a bad is going to be a bad day. He’s being crazy like that for more less one n’ a half month, it’s too long n’ it’s too bad. Love’s sacrified all. And like time goes by, his x-girlfriend (now) try to some boys, that the boy’s itself waiting for her, so deep. Like a love story, they get closed. But my friend’s going badly day after day, specially then he knows that news. I told him to accept the reality, she’s not his mine anymore but for someone else’s, yes. And with a progresively situations, my friend’s going better, at least he can accept the reality.

But it just temporary, live in preety nice condition’s not guarranted at all. Every time he goes to campus for consulting his skription, everytime he got hurt too, because he always saw his x-girlfriend with the new guy I mean. Then, he told me again about that condition, he said that ‘I want to kick his butt, and slap his face. I mean it.’ I know, that called angry. Actually, I support him to do that, just wanna see, how about the other conditions or probability after that all happened. But it just a mouth, what a cheap. At least, look at the good thing, ‘no war, just love n’ peace’.

As a time goes by, he always share everything his problems to me, and with some of his friends outside. And his condition’s going better, no ‘preety nice’ at all. Because in this October, there is some ‘wind of love’ which is blow his heart. Some good signals have been transferred from his x-girlfriend, likely ‘she’s wanted him back but don’t ask me more.’ Then I realised that Indy barrens in Ceriwis (Oct, 08, 2006; 00.30pm) have to said, that womans have ‘a behave to played the accelerations sometimes’ or kind a ‘what a girl want, what a girl need’, in Indonesia maybe said with acronym of ‘AAP (Akal-akalan Perempuan)’, what a?

I just want to laugh. Good things too, for him. I hopes the acceleration’s not jump over 40km/h, hahaha^^.

Well, from the story above n’ the titlle today, I just want to show u that my friend has a broke-up with his girlfriend. And each day, I dunno why my friend that I told you, have the other friends that have the same situations like him, no matter that they’ve broke-up with their girlfriends before or after my friend have been broke-up with his girlfriend too. The other side, me as myself have been saw all of my friends (just like in my affiliation, and in my campus) to set-up a relationship’s between their sexual opposite. I’m totally happy, but some is sadly. Because I’m alone n’ misery, Huaaa…:'( Sob…sob…

And sometimes, I’ve got a freaky think that maybe in another times, situations, and places someone’s have just bought me before (or I have just bought her), or dealing with me, or maybe you can called we’re in past n’ future book’s always together. Maybe the girl that I mean is keep search on me n’ wait me somewhere, so do I. Hehehe^^. Maybe we’re put on super-complicated labirin together, by the hands of God, and unfortunately we’re not yet see each other (maybe we’re have been meet or see each other before, in no-time) yeah unfortunately. So, maybe I must called her a soulmate.

Before now, I have a girlfriend, but we’re stayed together no longer. It’s a very-very, a super-tiny-short relation that I ever know. I don’t like to tell you how long, because that’s embarrasse me, hehehe:P And the result, I’m still a single until now, more less seven years. What a long time. And strangely, how can I survive? That’s still my big question until now, which is make me to give you freaky speculation that I have been told you above before.

You know, I write all of this story with a glass of Cappuccino accompany me stay logic. And some musics give me rhytm to rhytm my soul, I enjoy it at all.

And, in this story I just wanna tell you something, that’s all around you is talk to you, they give a sign. Like, Jesus in everywhere. Like, Jesus come in my throat through the Cappuccino that I drank, and speak to me by some musics that I heard. Not just that all, everytime that I have a big questions, my body’s bring me to somewhere that I never realised. And the ‘somewhere’ is like speak to me, like given me signs too. All of that’s just like that’s all going scheduled, daily, or ussually. I often like that, no matter time. Like my friends share to me their problems, I watch TV, played a game on my computer, listen to musics, all of the activities that I walk for is like make a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes you maybe lost one part of the jigsaw puzzle’s that you’ve been played, and you keep’in search it to finished them all. And like many other humans habbits, sometimes when you’re keep’in search the lost part of your jigsaw puzzles and you didn’t find’em, you’re feel like to give up. So do I.

But life’s always going speedy, and your not have a power to stop it. That’s life, like a wheel, sometimes up sometimes down. Up, when you’re find your lost part of your jigsaw puzzle’s, down, when your didn’t find’em all (altough, the lost part of your jigsaw puzzle’s still hidden) and you’re get give up. And situation’s always like ussually, just some of essencces change.

I don’t want to teach you guys, I just want to tell you that life’s too worthy. To pity to miss them. And try to think, how God is so kind (maybe super-duper-kind, out of our mind His kindness) to give you a life to live.

Why? You know, humans are dynamic creatures, they always try n’ try, do this n’ do that, never stop to catch their dreams, never stop to solve their problems. Most humans like it, so do us like’em too. Sometimes, when I feel something’s missing, I think to stop my life, I think to quit (maybe like suicide thing) but as soon as possible God show me the emergency’s door, I took it. So even I think to suicide, better I quit through the emergency’s door, because I think life’s to worthy to me, and finished life by suicide’s like useless. I feel addicted to life, because God show me something that I must show even my heart feel hurt.

How lucky am I? Maybe you’ve been thinked like that. I don’t judge you wrong to brand me that’s way, thank you, hehehe^^. Maybe guys, I always have an emergency’s door because I put Him above of all. Just some notes, I have no life like pastors, or any saint mans, or churchess boys, I life in sins. Sins, just like a swimming pool to me, interested to throw my body to swimm, get cool n’ wet in the swimming pool, means I’m a sinner. And God always teach me like Father to His son, He loves me too much.

Here’s my conffession: God’s never throw me to the swimming pool, but I’m always mess up everything to add Him a job that everytime I do always n’ always (maybe if my parent’s in this situation, they’ll get angry and just let me in that swimming pool n’ let me get my own fooliness effect), and His always told me with His great love to get out on the pool, even sometimes I get my own effect and I called Him strongly, He never let me die in that swimming pool, He rescue me like David Hasellhoff in Baywatch, or like Spiderman (hahaha^^), His like a superhero to me, to my family, aquintances, friends, and all, including you guys. God, forgive me for all my fooliness, just never let me alone, because I’ll be like a man who walked in deeper darkness although I have an eyes, isn’t it silly? I’ll be glad to be your child n’ light my way n’ accompany me till the end of my way, n’ show me your kingdom’s door.

How? Preety good conffession isn’t it? Well guys, why you don’t try? Maybe you have a problems like my boarded house-friend and his friends? Or you have got a girl or boyfriends but still have any problems to solve? Or you just a single like me n’ get frustrated? (if you a single like me(specially’s woman), just call me, HAHAHA^^, just a kidd) Why you’re not try to find an emergency door like me? And I know, you know the emergency door, just look up the sign (like I look every signs that speak to me). And the sign’s show us to God.

No matter who are you, what’s your sins, where do you live, or what’s your religions background, God’s always open His hands, hug us, and hold our hands through our ends, with savely, happy, gladness, all of the good things. If you accepted Him in your trully, deeply, and the bottoms of your heart as a fondation, believe, His always by your side. He never fault. He gives you a superpower, He gives you a gameshark for your jigsaw puzzle’s game. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on the game (life), put the gameshark on your console, and play.

And, how about, if you’re not the one who loved to use a gameshark? Just turn on the game (life), and play, God will always accompany you to accomplished the game’s with a perfect score.

Do no doubt Him, I feel it. Even me is a naughty boy, His always kind to me. And if you doubt Him, you’re like a loser.

Well friends, I’ve been give you some inspirations, and I learn from you too. We learn together, and the teacher’s Him. I love to share all of the problems with you, hopes you too. And keep’in read my weblog, give me some comments, crtics, and support, or your story. Maybe we can share some inspirations together. GBU…


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