Visited to the Past

Well, I don’t know where’s should I started? Before Idul Fitri’s come around us, I get remember about my beloved town, Balikpapan. With my eyes wide open, I feel like I miss it so much. I think if I have Doraemon, I want to asked Him a ‘wherever’s-door’.

I want to say that living alone’s too pity than living together, I miss my parents, my brother(Iwant to see Him to playing His guitar), and my relatives-familys, so do my friends in my senior high school(Smaradha). Besides I want to go to malls there, litle trip’in my senior high school, and a lot of fun. In several weeks, in the hands to celebrate Idul Fitri my college gonna give us some vacation weeks, and many other of my friends going home. You know Yogyakarta and Balikpapan has separated by sea, means that’s so far, you can’t go by motorcycles, buses, or cars, or walk^^. Better by planes or ships.

Lonely in long vacation weeks, and do nothing just stay at boarding house, maybe that’s some shcedules for me. And for several days Yogyakarta which is full of a newcomers, might be took this chance to visited their families and relatives to their towns. Yogyakarta’s might be silent, even I can heard my breath. And ussualy, for a guy like me whose took a same choice, will be die in thirsty and hungry, because there’s no cafetarias will be opened in Idul Fitri and the long vacation weeks (altouhgh several of cafetarias might be open, but it’s such a little probabilty), and we must prepared ourself.

In my room now, I turn on my mp3 player, it played a song from soundtrak of Jerry Mcguirre ‘Till we Meet Again’. The song’s very sentimentil, and have a title like ‘see you later’ word, maybe for now life’s just want to say to me, to be survive in that’s long vacation weeks. No matter how that’s hard to do, nothing a deal with it.

Just a note, I really miss my town, Balikpapan. And in time like this, I really hopes something like a miracle’s come to me. At least, the miracle’s give some interesting situations that might be helped me to done the long weeks. It’s hard to alone, but without this situations, I’ll not learn something’s usefull.

Oh, ‘the excited’ moments, fill my lonly days with your miracle.


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